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English CV - Book Publications

Book Publications

[B4] S. Parvaneh and H. Aslian, “Medical Physics”, Eshraghiyeh, 2015 (Translation from English to Persian).

[B3] H. Behnam, S. Parvaneh, and A. Shiebeigi, "Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging and Blood Flow Measurements", Eshraghiyeh, 2009 (Translation from English to Persian).

[B2] A.A. Ashrafian, K. Zargar, A. Akbari, F. Ehsani, S. Parvaneh, H.R. Entesar, A. Shafie, and A. Hojabr, "Seventh Exam of the Iran National University Entrance Exam on Electrical Engineering", Pooran Pajoohesh, 4th Edition-2009 (in Persian).

[B1] S. Parvaneh, "A Complete Set of Key Notes and Preparation Tests of introduction to Biomedical Engineering for the Iran National University Entrance Exam for Graduate Degree", Kanoon, 2008 (in Persian).